Saturday, June 19, 2010

Install Windows Using Pendrive

 Sometimes you guys face a problem with your CD/DVD ROM , as it stops reading or any other problem,
that is quite ignorable, but what if you need to re-install your OS at the time when your Optical Drive is malfunctioning, Problem.......................
well I've got the solution, why not you create your Pen drive , a bootable Pen drive, which acts as a hard disk.
no scratch problem, & no corrupted files,
Just Download the below Software.


Go on another system, insert the OS CD
Specify the Drive letter of your CD ROM as well as the Pen drive which is to be used as a booting device.
Click on the "Start" tab.
let the work be done....

after you are finished with it, go to the BIOS settings of the System which is be Formatted,
and change ur first boot device to USB device.....
now everything is done .....

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