Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stop Spim and Spit, as Well as Spam (All)

No more SPIM, SPIT or SPAM.

SPIM are unwanted instant messages (IMs) that are full of annoying ads and unrequested information. Most users with instant messages enabled receive about five SPIM messages a day, and the number is increasing rapidly. SPIM may now contain or lead users to viruses, worms, and other malware.
Personal users can restrict the instant messages they receive to a specific buddy list and keep SPIM under control. Corporate users who rely on IM can’t risk blocking messages from the new VP or a new client who is not yet on a buddy list. A search of the internet shows some anti-SPIM techonology is available, but no solution exists at this point.
SPIT is SPAM sent over internet telephony. Because the phone is connected to the internet, spammers could target the VOIP with unwanted messages. SPIT is not yet a major problem. Before embracing and becoming dependent on any new technology, you must consider all potential threats to productivity, include SPIM, SPIT, and SPAM.

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